Sen Wellness Sanctuary


Panchakarma is an intensive healing programme which sets out to balance the doshas and in turn heal and restore the body, mind and spirit. Each guest will spend time with resident our Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr Harshi, to ensure a healing program is catered to specific needs.


“My programme was carefully considered by Dr. Harshi. She is incredibly intuitive and was always checking in and available for a chat, ensuring I was comfortable and also that time spent outside of the treatment rooms was aligned with the treatments. Her kind and knowing smile would reassure you that there was intention behind every small detail that was woven into the day and the meals. Food and drink was cooked and prepared according to ayurvedic principles, much of it foraged and picked from the land, and every meal an array of locally inspired dishes; colourful, tasty and bountiful. The kitchen team was led by the charming Chandi and assisted by her lovable gang, who were all incredibly attentive and ever smiling – the whole Sanctuary team in fact, were a dream.”

“Panchakarma is a deep process, the body is worked intensively every day with a range of (primarily medicated oil) treatments including different types of massage and shirodaha (warm oil poured consistently onto the forehead and third eye) but also internal body cleaning techniques, steam baths and twice a day ayurvedic medicines. The individual approach and intention works deeply through the physical into the psyche, it ruffles the mind to clear it out and move a deep healing energy through the body and mind to harmonise and bring optimum wellness. Indrajed, my therapist had a contagiously joyful energy and was equally masterful at his craft. The treatment spaces were always decorated beautifully with fresh flowers and leaves; sweet incense and burning tea lights gave them a touch of magic. His massages were amongst the best that I have had, strong and not too fast and with each treatment I found myself transported into deep relaxation and sometimes otherworldly realms. Fortunately it was never too far to go when I had to leave the treatment room!”