Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Golden Summer Retreat

18th – 27th August 2019

We invite you to join us for our Golden Summer retreat, a journey of self-healing and reconnection to ourselves and to nature led by an extraordinary team of practitioners.

Nature is the world’s biggest healer, and in this 9 day retreat we will be reconnecting with the elements of nature through  rituals, daily yoga sessions, world class treatments, Ayurvedic food, and deep connections with inspiring people. Nature is in abundance at the sanctuary; and we will be celebrating the elements of nature to realign, reconnect and rebalance. This is the perfect time to sow the seeds of change and set intentions you want to manifest for the coming winter. Deep relationships and life-long friendships are forged on our retreats, as we are surrounded by such a supportive group of guests and practitioners. Treat your body and spirit to a transformative healing experience in a place of outstanding beauty.

What we offer:

• Programme will be held by the Founder and Director Sam Kankanamge with Yoga and creative mindfulness workshops teachers to be confirmed.

• One to one consultation with our resident Ayurvedic doctor who will tailor a programme specific to your dosha

• 2/3 Ayurvedic treatments a day

• Daily Sunrise yoga/ meditation lasting up to 90 minutes

• Daily Sunset yoga/ meditation lasting up to 90 minutes

• Cacao and Fire Ceremonies

• Transformative group meditations, chanting and dancing

• Gong baths

• Meditation sessions led by a Buddhist monk

• Acupuncture and Osteopathy sessions

• Group healing circle sessions

• Inspiring life style talks

• Ayurvedic cooking demonstration

• Energetic healing sessions

We will provide a pre-retreat guide with advice on preparing for your retreat.