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Our team of world-class osteopaths and yoga teachers as well as local therapists, skilful chefs and knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctor’s wellness philosophy is to support all aspects of our guests, reminding the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual body to live in harmony as a whole. The Sanctuary programs are an integrative system of healing that blends advanced scientific principles of the west and ancient wisdom of the east. By treating each individual as a whole, the necessary changes can be made and long lasting results can be created.
The Bespoke Retreat Menu

Take your pick – Personalised retreat experiences to resonate with each and every individual

New Radiant You
Changes, Improvements and Memories to Last a Lifetime
14 days of wellness
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Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissful
Full Care for Mind, Body and Spirit
10 days of wellness
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Spiritual Warrior
Discover a Deeper Sense Of Self for Long-Lasting Wellbeing
7 days of wellness
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Be in the Flow, Let Go
Completely De-Stress and Just Be
5 days of wellness
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Soul Connection
Reconnect With Your Inner Power
3 days of wellness
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Take a Deep Breath
And Be You with Restful, Holistic Pampering and Self-Care
1 day of wellness
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