Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Dr. Harshi

Dr Harshi’s ancestry is rooted in medicine, hailing from a long line of healers in her family. Following training in the Ayurvedic faculty at the University of Colombo, she began practicing as an Ayurvedic doctor and has been doing so for over five years now in a private practice.

Inspired by the Sanctuary’s vision, Dr Harshi began working with the medical team to create bespoke programs for our international guests. Her gentle and nurturing approach to holistic medicine has been so gratefully received by guests that we now have patients travelling from all over the world just to be treated by this humble medicine woman. Dr Harshi is committed to serving the long term wellbeing of each of her patients – focused on how they will be feeling in ten years time, not 10 days time.

Some of the treatments she offers are; panchakarma, massage, pulse diagnosis, medicine and oil preparation, Ayurvedic Beauty Culture and many other aspects of Ayurvedic medicine. She too has a Diploma in Ayurvedic Buddhist Counselling – each guest receives a Buddhist ceremony from her upon their departure – we are very lucky to have her on our team at The Sen Wellness Sanctuary.