Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Pleuni Van Hulten

As a dancer and choreographer, Pleuni discovered yoga early in her life. A few years ago she left the Netherlands to travel the world teaching Scaravelli inspired Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. 

In her classes we explore the bodies natural way of moving and we try to find a lightness in the practice. In her Vinyasa classes she works a lot with waving and rolling through the spine and moving with grace and fluidity. All the movements are connected. There is a constant pulsing of the body, the movement never stops and therefore brings you into a meditative state.

Besides her verbal instructions Pleuni gives a lot of hands-on adjustments in her class. This is helping students to deepen, stabilize, align or find more ease in a pose.

Her Yin yoga classes area total experience and are there to create a safe meditative space for her students to open up and work through physical and emotional blockages in the body.