Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Kat Drake

Kat Drake is a sacred singer with a passion for bringing people’s voices and souls together through singing songs from all over the world, especially India and Brazil.  Classically trained with a Masters in Music Leadership from the Guildhall, she brings a wealth of workshop leading experience to the groups she works with – from working with Palestinian orphans in the West Bank to performing with a samba band in Argentina, to bringing a combined music and yoga practice to festivals with Kanga Yoga.

Kat has been on her own journey of healing and is deeply devoted to her own muse ( She is dedicated to helping everyone heal their own creative souls. She has a knack for helping people overcome their fears and discover – or recover – their voices.  She will bring to the Sanctuary some of the most beautiful and uplifting songs she has gathered, as well as the opportunity to explore the synergy of the therapeutic power of yoga with the transcendental, joyful practice of devotional singing.