Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Candace Blair

“As an Executive Director at a Swiss Investment Bank, Candace has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Five years ago, suffering from stress-related back pain, she was referred to the Breath of Life clinic. It was here that founder and Osteopath, Sam Kankanamage, introduced her to Kundalini yoga. With the combination of Sam’s treatments and regular yoga classes, she was able to resolve her back issues, slowly integrate a daily practice into her hectic work schedule and finally start to feel the amazing benefits of real mind, body and spirit balance. Inspired by her own transformational experience, Candace chose to expand her knowledge by studying to become a Level I teacher at the Karam Kriya school in London. Following the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, her goal is to inspire students to raise their awareness, to explore their creative potential and to feel strong, clear and connected. In her class, Candace encourages students to experience not only the physical benefits of yoga but also the mental balance and spiritual inspiration which develop with regular practice. “I want to take my students on a journey utilising a combination of dynamic exercise (kriya’s), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and mantra. I encourage students to deepen their practice in a supportive group environment where together we aim to raise the individual and collective energy! Everyone is welcome, regardless of age and experience levels. Please join us for a potentially transformative experience.”