Sen Wellness Sanctuary


About our accommodation

  • Do the rooms have aircon facilities? The cabanas have been carefully designed to allow natural ventilation so as to avoid the need for air-conditioning; thanks to the beachside location the resort is naturally cool. The rooms are all equipped with fans.
  • Are the rooms’ en suite? Yes all the cabana rooms are en suite and fitted with solar panel heated showers.
  • Do the rooms look over the sea? All our cabana rooms are facing the lagoon with balconies overlooking the treetops.
  • Can an extra bed be added to the cabanas? The rooms are big enough for a child’s cot. Not big enough for an extra bed.
  • Do the rooms have access to WIFI? We hope to encourage mindfulness and living in the moment, disconnecting with everyday life back home. We do of course understand the need for Wifi. By compromise WIFI will be available in the reception area at allocated times.
  • Are you flexible with check out times? We would be thankful if you could vacate the room by 11, however we are happy to try and accommodate late checkouts if the room is not required, and of course invite you to continue using the rest of the Sanctuary as your home if you don’t have a transfer until later in the day.

About the Sanctuary

  • Is there a swimming pool? Coming soon.
  • How far is the beach? The beach is a stone throw away from the Sanctuary.

About our food and drink

  • What Food do you serve? We serve a buffet of fresh authentic sri lankan food, primarily vegetarian with some fish and little dairy.
  • Do you accommodate any dietary requirements? Yes, if you have any concerns about our menu fitting your dietary requirements, please let us know and we will make sure our menu is best suited to you.
  • Is alcohol served? We don’t serve alcohol at the Sanctuary.

Our wellness programs

  • What is the recommended length of time for a retreat? We offer a variation of different bespoke retreats.
  • 1 x day pamper, a gift of self-care.
  • 3 x days of wellness to kick-start or round off your time away perfectly.
  • 5 x days of wellness, to destress, a genuinely rejuvenating break
  • 7 x days of wellness, to reconnect and be inspired
  • 10 x days of wellness – Mind/body/Soul detox
  • 14 x days of wellness – to create a new way of being, often breaking lifetime habits.
  • How can the retreats help me? Our variation of different programs can help you to destress, detox, improve your yoga/meditation/mindfulness practice, break addictions and habits, help digestive and skin problems, depression, weight loss. Reduce insomnia, fatigue, anxiety. Support you to reconnect and find joy, happiness and inspiration.
  • What is included in the wellness program? Twice daily yoga (90mins long), an Ayurveda consultation, daily Ayurveda treatments depending on your body type, osteopathy (for wellness programs that extend 5 days or longer), Ayurvedic herbal medicines and dietary recommendation.
  • What kind of retreat should I come on? We offer both group and individual bespoke retreats which both offer uniquely different experiences.  Our bespoke retreats allow for our guests to have precious undistracted time to themselves. These programs allow for extra attention to be spent on the individual’s journey and the personal intention they have set. These retreats are available all year round.  For our group retreats, our team prior to the guests arrival set an intention for the group as a whole. A maximum of 16 guests start and end their retreat journey together, often influencing and inspiring the energy of the group dynamics. Extra group activities and excursions are often included over these retreats.

Planning your trip

  • When is the best time to come depending on the climate? With December through to March and July and August being hot and dry this is a perfect time to catch the sunrays.  With April through to June and October and November being humid, this is a perfect time for deep cleansing and is ideal for a panchakarma.
  • What is the weather forecast like? Being a tropical island the weather is very unpredictable and extreme conditions can often be experienced. The weather forecast tends to follow this particular trend. December – March is known to be hotter and drier with the rains starting in mid/end of April. May and June become more humid with dramatic storms. July through to September tends to see dry and sunny days with the rains setting in again for October/November.
  • How shall I prepare for my retreat? We are always available to skype and happy to chat, learning of your hopes for your retreat. As Deepack Chopra quotes ‘every intention is a trigger for transformation” Setting an intention for your retreat make the experience more empowering. Through the cultivation of intention, you learn to make wise goals, work hard toward achieving them without getting caught up in the outcome in attachment to outcome.If you would like a mini practice before your arrival, our yoga teacher would be more than happy to give you some recommendations.
  • What level of experience is recommended? None at all, our teachers are compassionate to all levels of experience. Don’t worry if you have never practiced before. Our teachers will build up your confidence in no time
  • Is it hard to get a visa for Sri Lanka? Quick and easy and only takes 10mins. The Sri Lankan visa can be applied for 24 hours before your flight and only costs 35 dollars.
  • Do I need to injections? This is a very helpful website to read up on if you wish to learn more about vaccinations. or alternatively Check with your doctor and the Sri Lankan High Commission website for information. Malaria tablets won’t be necessary at Sen Wellness Sanctuary
  • When is the cheapest time to fly to Sri Lanka? Outside of the peak seasons Dec 18 – Jan 6 (Christmas), early April (Sri Lankan New Year) and late July/August (holidays)
  • How much is the cost of travel? From our experience, travelling back and forth from the UK you can fly direct for approx. 750 USD.