Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Our Story

A dream 25 years in the making

Sen Wellness Clinic, an established holistic clinic in the medical district of central London has proudly opened its doors to Sen Wellness Sanctuary, Sri Lanka. Founder and osteopath, Dr Sam Kankanamge, became aware of a need for a special place to self-heal and nourish and so created Sen Wellness Sanctuary. Sam left his Sri Lankan homeland for London, aged 18; his dream has been to return to his country to build a sanctuary that creates a space for growth for all those who visit, including the local community.

Sam has drawn on his own life experience, as well as his professional experience of holistic healthcare, to build his dream sanctuary. With the help of a network of extraordinary friends, colleagues, patients and his brother Sudheera, and London-based colleague Natasha Tillie, they translate health, business and hospitality know-how into Sen Wellness Sanctuary’s life-enhancing retreats.

Our philosophy

“The ultimate goal of Sen Wellness is for the individual to self-realise and make the necessary transformation to reach their inner potential. It is this pursuit that fulfills the purpose of the human form bringing wellness and happiness to all.” Sam Kankanamge

Inspired by nature, spiritual healing, nourishment and friendship we believe these are the essential ingredients to reclaim your personal gifts of empowerment. Unlock your true potential and discover your own personal gifted treasures.